Okay, so if you’ve read my about page you’ll already know that I have dabbled before with Internet Marketing. I have had some success, but it has never been sustainable, life has gotten in the way and also plain and simple I have given up due to a number of reasons.

Why I Chose Partnership To Success?

Why did I choose to follow the teachings of John Thornhill you ask? Well, I have followed John for many years and watched him grow from strength to strength. He is a modest bloke who has made a great success out of his online marketing business. He has stood the test of time, John has been online since the early 2000’s. Whereas many a marketer have simply disappeared, John is still in the business and still a success.

I was invited by John to a webinar about the course. Before attending I did my usual background checks on the course and it became apparent that if you follow his teachings in Partnership to Success you can become a successful marketer. John has many students whom he has coached and have become a success through taking his course.

Explaining what was involved with the partnership to success John clearly emphasized that to make a success of any online business take time and a lot of work. You’re not going to start making money overnight, but if I follow his training I will be ready to do a product launch in 60 days and in doing so I be successful. This is pretty clear to me, success does not come without hard work. Being a teacher this is something that I am always emphasizing to my students, you need to put the work into something to get something out of it.

The Fear Factor

At first I was put off by the cost of the partnership to success, but John offers a 12 month payment plan, still $197 per month is a fairly steep investment, but it has given me the incentive to work through the course and give up a couple of hours per day to make it happen. I’ve been down this road before I thought, I can’t count the number of products I have bought into over the years only to give up on them because there was some piece of information missing, or it just turned out to be the hocus pocus of the shiny object syndrome so many of us fall for.

The main focus of the course is to create my own product launch, which at the moment is somewhat daunting, but upon reflection I have a number of ideas that I can utilize to make this happen. Given the fact that I am in the teaching profession and a computer science teacher at that has given me ideas about how I might launch my own educational product based around what I already know. If not this time, I am seriously giving this consideration as a venture I can relate to very clearly.

My First Impressions of Partnership To Success

I think the first thing that has struck me is that John really wants me to be successful. He emphasizes the fact that in order to make a success of my online venture I must commit two hours per day and work through the training step by step without skipping any part of it. And again, this will be hard work, but if you spend the time you can make a success out of the course.

Another thing that has impressed me is that when I am ready to launch a product he will send out the details to all of his affiliates and business partners. That sort of promotion is invaluable, making these types of connections is understandably very difficult to say the least, how would you even start to approach such big names in the marketing world to get a leg up on promoting your product. In addition to this John will also promote my product to his email lists, again, he’s been in the business for years, to build up such a list myself will take time.

I am grateful for John providing such a service, to me it is one of the best parts of the course.

The course itself is very well put together with short step by step instructions on how to progress. What you have to do and in what order in order for this all to work. Plus, it’s not thrown at you all at once, each day there are a set of tasks that you must complete before moving onto the next days work. You can, however, move ahead onto the next days work if you are ready, but for me just starting out the pace is about right.

Another insight is that it’s not just about the work you have to put in, it’s also about your mindset. Believing in yourself is one aspect of being able to be successful in this venture, but equally important is having the motivation to determination to not give up. Along with this are some interesting reads about marketing and how to be successful. Giving quality information for free is a part of this, gaining trust and a good reputation are important to your customers. It’s not all about making money, it’s about giving quality and freely. This is the basis for my blog. I want to give good quality information and also utilize my skills as a teacher to help you along the way too. Which is why I am happy to connect and help you if you are reading this post, just comment below, or drop me an email and I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, point you in the right direction, or connect with you on a personal level.

This is all for today, I will be posting my progress daily, although I have a little bit of catching up to do as this is only day three and I really only got my blog going yesterday 😉

I wish you every success if you are considering going on the same adventure that I have just begun and as I say, I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the partnership to success program. Thanks for reading and please share, like or comment below if you enjoyed my ramblings.

P.S. The best piece of advise that I can give you right now is to register here for the webinar and find out more about the partnership to success. Even if you don’t end up making what I believe as a wise investment you won’t leave empty handed, you will receive a wealth of information from the webinar and if you stay until the end there are some excellent free resources for you to collect.

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