To put this bluntly, you are not going to succeed with email marketing if your subscribers are not interested in opening your email messages. To help you become a successful email marketer follow my advice and you will be catching your readers attention in no time at all.

It Is All in the Title

Just like any book, newspaper article, or website post it is always the title that catches the readers eye and encourages their curiosity to read further. Your email subject line must be able to catch their attention, and incidentally, so does the first few lines of your email.

Subject lines must always be relevant to your topic, or the product that you are trying to promote to your subscriber. I must also emphasize that subject lines must also be entertaining as well. Simply just telling your reader that you are about to market directly to them is going to kill your email list overnight and your readers are going to drop your email into their trash bin.

If you are offering your subscriber a promotion, do make sure that it’s in the subject line but make sure that you are catching their attention when doing so.

Keep Your Subject Line Short

You want your subject line to be fully read. One problem is that many email clients cut off any excess words when displaying your email and therefore unless your reader is going to make the effort to open your email, they are going to miss important information that may trigger just this. This issue is particularly prevalent on mobile devices. Try this for yourself, open your email provider on your computer and compare it to how the email subject lines look on your same provider on your mobile phone, this is what I am talking about. Therefore, to make sure you are getting your subscribers attention you need to try to keep your subject line brief as well as catchy.

Catch their attention!

In the opening lines of your email, you must catch your readers attention, which probably means you need to have your offer at the very beginning. Plus, if you are not offering them a sale you should at least spend some time explaining to them why you are emailing them in the first place. You can elaborate further throughout your email about the product. Think about how television commercials work. They tell you exactly why there is a sale, or the message that they are giving is about and then follows the fine print.

Overkill Will Kill Your List

Sending out emails daily to your subscriber list is something that is best avoided. Unless you have something worthy to promote every day and really need to catch their attention about a discount, or the scarcity a product you are likely to just leave them frustrated and ignoring any emails further down the line.

People will get your message the first time, do not fall into the trap of thinking that because you are not getting a lot of click throughs to your promotion does not mean that they have not gotten the message.

Emailing your list, a couple of times per week will have a greater impact on your open rates that sending a dozen emails over several days and will generally keep your subscribers more interested in what you have to say in the future.

Build A Relationship

If you want to do well in email marketing, then make sure that you treat your subscribers like family and give them a very good reason as to why they should stay on your mailing list.

Offering discount codes for products that you are recommending, or some bonuses if they buy through your email link will go a long way in gaining their trust with you. Plus, this sort of promoting will get them talking with their friends and family about your email messages and deals that you offer your subscribers.

This is basically free advertising, by doing your subscribers a justice and taking care of them you are promoting yourself and reducing your need to advertise. Word of mouth is a far more valuable marketing strategy than advertising and this is how many of the world’s best businesses operate.

Think back to Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign. Coke printed bottles with common names on them and people were inspired to buy them for a friend or relative. This word-of-mouth promotion enabled Coca-Cola to revive sales in over 70 countries.

Last Words

Email marketing will only work for you if you are able to get your subscribers to read all the way through your emails. Providing value, being informative and taking care of your subscribers will benefit you in the long term with repeat purchases and recommendations by word of mouth which will only increase the number of subscribers you have.

One last thing, this type of marketing has been around since email first started and it is still going strong now. No matter what anyone tells you email marketing is not dead and the age-old adage of ‘the money is in the list’ still rings very true, even to this day.

To your success and to having happy customers.

P.S. If you managed to read all the way down to here, I’m not far from the truth in what I say. Please like, share, comment if you found this information helpful 🙂

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