1. Never EVER Buy an Email Subscriber List

When you are just starting off in the online world it can be very tempting to try to find a shortcut to success. You are working your butt off trying to get your site content built, market your site, build a product. Time is passing you by and all this effort seems like it is not going to pay off. Patience my friend, as the old saying goes, Rome was not built in a day, but you are laying the bricks every hour you work on this.

Many marketers and companies will try to buy their email subscribers and there are plenty of places that want to sell you a ‘profitable’ list. However, it is not a good business idea. For a start, any subscribers on your list who did not initially sign up for your list can result in not only annoying people, but it can also even be a violation of the law.

Adding subscribers who have not expressed any interest in what you have to say, or the products that you are promoting are unlikely to want to engage with your email messages and so it just becomes a futile exercise where everyone’s time gets wasted and you end up out of pocket for purchasing the list.

Plus, we all know what happens to unsolicited emails, check your spam folder to find out which means zero sales for you and a bad reputation, which is not what our goal is.

If you want subscribers, offer value, bait them with a free offer, have a good quality opt-in page and confirmation page, as well as a welcoming thank you page.

Or, instead, reach out to fellow marketers in your niche. Another good way to build your list is to share each other’s websites and products to our respective lists. This is a great strategy to introduce new buyers to your products and offerings as there is still the trust factor involved with the person who is sending their subscribers to you.

Buying an email list really is not going to get you results. Remember, this is all about providing value, building trust and having your subscribers excited about opening your emails. Build your list the organic way, yes this may take some time, but you will certainly reap the rewards and you yourself will be a happy and ethical marketer.

2. Do Not Ask for Too Many Details

You are trying to build a trusting list of subscribers. You should imagine creating this list as if you were starting a friendship with someone. At the beginning of any friendship, you do not bombard them with lots of intimate questions, or they are likely to run a mile at the sight of you. In a similar fashion you should do the same with the information that you are asking for upfront. You do not want to scare away potential subscribers by asking them for too much information.

It really is not necessary to ask every person who signs up for their phone number and mailing address for example. I mean, how comfortable do you feel completing an opt-in form that must include your phone number? Are you less likely to act? I know I would be, plus I would be a damn site less happy with my decision to sign up had I been forced to give out too much information. It simply does not ring right, pardon the pun.

Keep it simple, you want to keep the time it takes for a subscriber to sign up to the minimum, you want to keep the detail to the minimum, first name and an email address is all that is needed for most online marketers or bloggers.

If you do feel that you need more information, then I would suggest that you research what is known as progressive profiling. This is the process of asking for additional information at certain points in the relationship you are building with your subscriber. For example, you could ask them to complete a short survey about what their strengths and weaknesses are in what they are trying to achieve so that you can help them further with their journey. But keep all this in mind, because before your subscriber can trust you enough to open up to you about such things you need to five the time to build that relationship first.

3. Offer an Opt-In Incentive Which Has Real Value

This day and age, most people know how marketing works, most people have seen offers from other marketers and they know if you are offering value in return for their details. The days of naivety are long gone and having a low-end incentive can damage your reputation and your brand.

Incentives are an important part of the sign-up process; you want to entice people to sign up for your list by giving value from the start and of course to continue to give value going forwards and build your reputation. Competition can be tough in this industry and you do not want to simply copy what other marketers are doing, you want to go above and beyond.

For someone to join your list they want to see value from the start and not just some empty promises so give them what they crave. Show that you want to help them and show them that by remaining on your list they will see even more value and build that relationship with them.

Other alternatives for enticing someone to opt into your subscriber list can be an exclusive offer such as a discount on a product or giving them exclusive access to the latest product offer or news.

Whether you are offering a quality e-book, free training, a discount coupon, or early bird access to a product launch you must make it valuable to your customer and you must make it compel them enough for them to want to sign up and to have the desire to remain on your list.

Having strong incentives will also go a long way to persuading your subscribers to buy from you and provides you with free marketing by word of mouth as they tell their friends and family all about your offer.

Do your research, look at what other marketers in your niche are offering and learn what is attracting customers to their website and better them.

4. Remember to Send Your New Subscriber A Welcome Email

You would be surprised at how many marketers stop after the thank you for subscribing email with a link to the incentive and then go directly into trying to sell to their new subscriber without even attempting to connect with them first.

Your job is not over once your new prospect has signed up for your list, you must ensure that you follow up on your promise of continued value and what better way to do this than to deliver your incentive with an intriguing welcome email?

A welcome email is the perfect way to greet your new subscribers and to ease them into your list before you begin communicating with them regularly. A captivating welcome email should include an engaging subject line, good visuals, concise copy and a clear call to action. If you promised a free e-book or a coupon then make sure that you add it to the message.

But it should not only deliver your incentive!  Welcome emails set the standard for future email correspondence. Use them to your advantage to connect with your customers by providing intrigue and an excitement about future emails. You do not want your subscribers to hit the delete button just as soon as they have downloaded your incentive, you want them to keep reading and to do that you need to give continued value.

5. Do Not Forget to Ask Your Subscriber for Feedback!

There is no better way of learning what keeps your subscribers on your mailing list than asking them for their insights. Learning how your products are helping them and finding out what else they would value will lead to creating a series of emails that is fully geared towards your future subscribers. Feedback is an immensely valuable asset and by learning from your subscribers will lead you to providing greater quality and will lead you to increased revenue from your list.

However, do not forget that you should not overload your subscribers by asking too many questions, use the progressive profiling approach by sticking to one topic at a time, keeping your surveys short, to the point and easy to complete.

Remember to act on what your subscribers say, learning about your flaws is not going to help your customer if you do nothing about them. Plus, as I say, learning about your flaws will lead to better written emails for future subscribers.

6. Do Not Make the Same Insane Mistakes Over and Over

To Quote Einstein “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Email marketing is the backbone to growing your business and your revenue so do your upmost to build your subscriber list by following my advice. This is your only chance to connect with your customers and build a relationship with trust.

  • Never buy a done for you subscriber list.
  • Do not ask them for too much detail when signing up.
  • Always offer a worthwhile incentive that relates to the subscribers needs.
  • Always set the tone with an awesome welcome email.
  • Continue to give value to your list in the emails that you send them.
  • Learn where you can improve by asking for feedback.
  • And always act on their feedback to improve your emails.

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