Hi, I am sure you are already aware that my name is Steve Young, but for those who do not know much about me I thought I would share some background about myself. I am a bit of a geek at heart to be honest with you, having started using computers at the age of ten. If any of you are as old as I am, you will probably remember the big bulky Commodore Pet with 16kb of RAM and a green monochrome screen, how things have moved on since then 🙂

I initially left education at the age of 17 having been persuaded to leave for hacking the college network, I mean who uses the password custar when your admin name is general. It was not as bad an issue as I imagined as soon after I was hired to work on mainframe computers for two years, this was followed by six years working for the government. Sorry, I cannot disclose what I did for the government, because I will have to kill you if I do…just kidding.

Scrolling forwards to 1997 when I decided I had had enough of my desk job I headed off to University to study a computing degree. It was a couple of years into the degree when things really started to take off online, in 1999 I bought my first domain and began learning how to create websites. The dot com era was upon us, Google was a fledgling search engine and eBay was the leader in selling products online and the millennium bug was about to wreak havoc on the world (not). It was with eBay that I had my first taste of success online, selling a lottery number permutation generator computer program that I had created whilst learning to code. With one year left on my degree it was very tempting to quit and earn a living off eBay and building websites for the dot com boom. But I did not, and I am glad I made the choice to stick it out.

Flash forwards one year, having made a reasonable return on my eBay product I was literally priced out of my own niche by people duplicating my product and undercutting me, the dot com bubble burst and I found myself holding a degree in computing, but very few of the tech companies were hiring, in fact they were firing.

There was, however, a silver lining to all of this. The UK government were paying undergraduates to train to be a teacher in computing, so I decided to ride out the storm for another year at University and wait for everything to get back to normal. The thing is, with teaching and my knowledge of computing I found my passion, and with it also a passion for travel. Having spent two years teaching at foundation degree level at a local college I decided to embark on an international career in teaching, the highlight of which was spending 12 years living in Bermuda, as well as stays in Poland, Spain and Romania.

During my teaching career my interest in making money online has rarely faded and I have seen some success over the years working on it as a hobby, but not enough to feel that I could make a full time living from doing it.

There was always a piece missing. For years I have heard marketers say you need a mentor, someone to guide you, someone who can teach you where all the pitfalls are so that you can avoid them. Someone who will motivate you and keep you on track until you make it. But these mentors would not come cheap, some citing a thousand dollars for an hour of their time. Also, by 2010 there were so many charlatans out there, so many shiny button pieces of software with guarantees that you will make millions overnight. I will be honest, I parted ways with a tidy amount of cash trying to make a success online.

Fast forward to the present day, 2021, we are still in the pandemic, I am tired of watching box sets and I am still teaching…online! It was time to make a change, time to pour my time and energy into making this online marketing interest a reality. Words to myself on this day ‘I will be honest with you; it is hard work. You will need to put some hours in and work hard to succeed. If you can manage two hours per day working on your online business instead of watching box sets you will succeed, but you need to be consistent, you need to be doing this most days of the week to keep the momentum going and you need to keep motivating yourself to do this. But if you do, you will succeed, you will turn a corner and make this happen, but it takes effort and it will not happen overnight’.

To your success, Steve Young.

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